Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

​​​​​​​Meet the Team​​​​​​​


Music: Heather likes anything but “Screamo” or “New Country.”

Heather’s biggest dream is making sure that when her children get older they are able to say that they had a great life!


Maggie really loves the color pink, dogs, and shopping!

Maggie’s biggest dream is to make her whole family proud!


Hobbies: Crafting, photography, sleeping, and reading.

If money weren’t an issue, Tara would like to own her own shop or boutique.


Things She Loves: the color Pink, Dogs, and Steak!

Raelynn’s biggest dream is leaving a positive impact on others!


Things Jordyn Loves: the color Green, Cats, and Italian Food!

If Jordyn could go anywhere in the world it would be Peru, but this could change tomorrow!


Tania Enjoys shopping, soccer and country music.

If money weren’t an issue, Tania would be a stay at home dog mom!


Hayle enjoys shopping, watching football, and country music with an emphasis on Morgan Wallen.

If money weren’t an issue Haylee would fly to every major city and see the whole world!


Alayna loves the color green, dogs, and Mexican food.

​​​​​​​If money weren’t an issue, Alayna would clear out the animal shelters by adopting them all!


Hobbies: Watching sports/Golfing/CSGO
If Bryce could be anywhere in the world he’d be in the Rocky Mountains.


Sofia loves Pandas, Hot Wings, Chicken Alfredo, and the color Sage Green.
Sofia’s biggest dream is making everyone around her proud!

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